About Us


ARC Investment Incorporated was established mainly to link companies with common business agendas around the globe. Founded in 2005 by Archon Clinton, ARC has expended by the addition of two other branches to her company. The import and export department and the transport and logistics department. Our import and export department, specializes in the buying and shipment of trucks and other heavy duty equipment for our various customers worldwide mainly West Africa, Europe and North America.

Our transport and logistics department specializes in the transportation of all sort of goods and is presently the largest transporter for TOTAL Liberia Inc. Due to the huge demand for transportation in Liberia, the ARC Investment has expanded over the years given rise its subsidiary company, Charm Enterprise Incorporated. Charm Enterprise was established in 2011 and is presently the sole transporter for the Liberia Coca Cola and Beverage company. The whole transport and logistics operation of the (LCCBC) is presently being operated by us and we have proven ourselves to be a reliable and efficient transport company distributing their products all across the country.